हाँ मैंने मेला देखा है

हाँ मैंने मेला देखा है

चुप चाप खड़े एक कोने से झूलो को

चलते देखा है

हाँ मैंने मेला देखा है

परदे के पीछे से छिपकर जोकर को हसते देखा है

हाँ मैंने मेला देखा है

चंचल मन में लिए लालसा

मैंने सोच लिया जब वो बर्फ का गोला खाना है

भीगी आँखों से माँ ने पूछ लिया तब

क्या मेरे लाल ने मेला देख लिया ?

नन्हे बटुए से माँ को चंद पैसे गिनते देखा है

हाँ मैंने मेला देखा है

माँ इन झूलो से डर सा लगता है

भला ये बर्फ भी कोई खाता है

ये जोकर तो यूँ ही हसता है,

चल माँ हाँ मैंने मेला देख लिया.


This is how madly I love you 

The things you thrown away,

I collect them as my hobby,

You can find all your stolen things in my lobby, 😋

Your used straws, that foil in which your food is roll,

I collected them
and decorated on my wall.:)

Your notebook when I borrow
I only see the pages where you signed your name and played cross and arrow,

Secretly I tore the page of your name

as it seems autographed by the fame.

Now please don’t blame


this is how madly I love you.

You don’t know how many times I die,

whenever I saw you cry.

My sun shines when you smiles.

I am in coma when i feel your aroma.

I know You are too aware

and girl its not fair


this is how madly I love you. ☺

Before you Quit, Sit and think. 

Its Ok you failed many times,

Its Ok if you think you are not made for this,

But why are you quitting ??

Don’t Quit

Do it another way, you are now more experienced.

You want to shine and you want to glow,

Don’t panic it takes time and you will be a pro,

You thought that you gave your best,

then why you’re heart aching in your chest?

Be more passionate be more crazy,

just stand now don’t be lazy.

– Ajeet Singh Dhruv ©

No one can motivate you until you motivate yourself.

Good morning friends..:)

*With a positive attitude.*

Thanks God I am able to open my eyes and see this wonderful morning.

I can smile, its so easy and I love my smile.

A deep breathe and a warm smile the first breakfast I will took today 🙂

Nothing is impossible I will definitely do that.

Today I will make everyone happy.

Ultimately I will not going to rue that I wasted my day.
Keep smiling :):)