Hunger of knowledge is the best addiction one should have. 

Competition is the best way to test ourselves. While competing we got our rank. 

The ranks tells us how far we are from our dreams

Thus one knows how  hard they have to work for their dreams and passion.
Curiosity also matters alot. Curios and creative mind have the affinity to change the world. 

These people achieve whatever they want to. 

Hunger of knowledge is the best addiction one should have. – Ajeet Singh Dhruv 

You are Mirror to yourself. 

Everyone of us knows better what we are doing in our life.

Some people are so coward that they are unable to do anything in life. 

These people always run from group discussions as they think they are illiterate and they just don’t want themselves to be insulted. 

Hence they have a poor IQ. 

Sometimes some words are enough to show you what you are. 

That words spoken bitterly by someone who cares for you, that person only want to show you the mirror, and to show you where  are you standing in this whole world. 

But those people simply  drinks all the words and they have nothing to say, that proves donkeys are dumb.

Golden words :

A true insult has more ignition than a fake compliment. 

-Ajeet Singh Dhruv 

This is how madly I love you 

The things you thrown away,  

I collect them as my hobby, 

You can find all your stolen things in my lobby, 😋

Your used straws, that foil in which your food is roll,

I collected them 
and  decorated on my wall.:)

Your notebook when I borrow
I only see the pages where you signed  your name and played cross and arrow, 

Secretly I tore the page of your name

as it seems autographed by the fame. 

Now please don’t blame


this is how madly I love you. 

You dont know how many times I die, 

whenever I saw you cry.

My sun shines when you smiles. 

I am in coma when i feel your aroma. 

I know You are too aware

and girl its not fair


this is how madly I love you.  ☺