I am feeling Sad.

I am very disturbed today.

Trying smile and smiling too,

its too easy.


its fake.

Inside I am dying.


21 thoughts on “I am feeling Sad.

  1. This strIkes a cord with me . I have always gone to work in a hospital feelings like hell but as soon as I walk through the door of the building I flip that switch and put a fake smile on all day every day .it is hard because I was dying inside . Hiding deep hurt and pain is like having a rotten body inside your chest and the longer the meat is stuffed down the more it rotten.

    I finally stopped the clown act ad tell everyone asking what a wrong?? Nothing onto feel like smiling.

    I have started cleaning out the closet of my mind and my heart . I started counciling and the pain was worse as I started digging and owner the load is getting lighter note goes yet but lighter I do seen the light at the end of technology tunnel.

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