Sometimes its better to react with no reaction. 

​When the other person is being intentionally hurtful,

without regard for your feelings, 

you always have the choice to stay silent and walk away from the conversation.

There is a point where no words will calm them down,

 and they simply want you to join in their anger. 

Reciprocating their anger and adding fuel to their fire will just make things worse.

Silence is always there for a moment of clarity.


This is how madly I love you 

The things you thrown away,  

I collect them as my hobby, 

You can find all your stolen things in my lobby, 😋

Your used straws, that foil in which your food is roll,

I collected them 
and  decorated on my wall.:)

Your notebook when I borrow
I only see the pages where you signed  your name and played cross and arrow, 

Secretly I tore the page of your name

as it seems autographed by the fame. 

Now please don’t blame


this is how madly I love you. 

You dont know how many times I die, 

whenever I saw you cry.

My sun shines when you smiles. 

I am in coma when i feel your aroma. 

I know You are too aware

and girl its not fair


this is how madly I love you.  ☺

हाँ मैंने मेला देखा है- A sad poem

हाँ  मैंने मेला देखा है

चुप चाप खड़े एक कोने से झूलो को

चलते देखा है

हाँ  मैंने मेला देखा है


परदे के पीछे से छिपकर जोकर को हसते देखा है

हाँ मैंने मेला देखा है


चंचल मन में लिए लालसा

मैंने सोच लिया जब वो बर्फ का गोला खाना है

भीगी आँखों से माँ ने पूछ लिया तब

क्या मेरे लाल ने मेला देख लिया ?

नन्हे बटुए से माँ को चंद पैसे गिनते देखा है

हाँ  मैंने मेला देखा है


माँ इन झूलो से डर सा लगता है

भला ये बर्फ भी कोई खाता है

ये जोकर तो यूँ ही हसता है,

चल माँ हाँ मैंने मेला देख लिया.




sUccess – all depends on the second letter. 


Never lose hope. 

Never lose hope there is always a way. 


Good Night Sweet Dreams..


Motivation is right inside you. 


If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. 

If your goals are not challenging you then it never change you. 

Keep fighting for your goals. 

Ajeet Singh Dhruv