Before you Quit, Sit and think. 

Its Ok you failed many times,

Its Ok if you think you are not made for this,

But why are you quitting ??

Don’t Quit

Do it another way, you are now more experienced.

You want to shine and you want to glow,

Don’t panic it takes time and you will be a pro,

You thought that you gave your best,

then why you’re heart aching in your chest?

Be more passionate be more crazy,

just stand now don’t be lazy.

– Ajeet Singh Dhruv ©


May one day you regret why I haven’t Started earlier. 

Stop thinking start doing. 

It’s the


that you needed, 

some people discourage and bring you down 

unless you have the ears to listen them. 

It’s better to have headphones plugged in ears and enjoy songs rather listening their shit. 

Thanks to them too, 

they provide me the fuel I needed to burn.  👍


They can feel the warm and shine I am  having inside. 

Motivational Quote

You can’t start the next chapter of your life

If you keep re-reading the last one.